Model Employee Host Chrissy Teigen Also Has Regrettable Employment Experience

In addition to landing Sports Illustrated spreads, Model Employee host Chrissy Teigen was once given the coveted job of depicting an “Asian scientist” for a pharmaceutical company, an early gig she considers less than memorable. “They slapped some glasses on me and we’re like, ’You’re an Asian Scientist!'” explained the supermodel. The newest member of the VH1 family chatted about this and more (bacon!) during her stop by Big Morning Buzz Live earlier today.

We’ve already quizzed Love And Hip Hop stars to our very own Jim Shearer about woeful employment experience, but it’s nice to know that the modeling world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows all the time. It also helps that Chrissy can relate to having to do undesirable work as she watches models duke it out in the literal shark tanks of Mandalay Bay.

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