Chrissy Teigen Recaps Model Employee Episode One: Nervous As All Hell

As we saw in the very first episode of Model Employee, it’s not easy being young and beautiful. Pair that with vying for a chance to be the face of a major luxury brand, and the tears just start to flow. (We’re crying now.) Luckily, VH1 has an insider ready to rehash all the must-see moments from our new series to help get us through the season.

Not only will the lovely Chrissy Teigen be hosting the show, she’s agreed to give us the inside scoop on what went down behind the scenes, as well as how it feels to channel the likes of Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks on national television.

For more on how Model Employee came to be, as well as what the supermodel herself ate on premiere night (pro tip: find a man who is willing to cook for you), check out her very first VH1 blog, below.

Yesterday I spent the entire day, sunset to sundown, promoting the balls out of Model Employee. If I were OK with ever showing my feet (I HATE FEET) (ESPECIALLY my feet) you would see some seriously swollen hooves.

It’s weird, this kind of thing! I am extremely new to the hosting scene so it’s a bit nerve-wracking in sooo many different ways. Model Employee is my first hosted show, and truth be told, I was nervous as all hell. However nervous the girls might have been when those lights came on in the banquet room — when the truth is revealed as to what they are ACTUALLY in store for — I was practically peeing myself. I’m worried about what people will have to say about my voice (people love to say my voice doesn’t match my tweets or face), and there’s just some general anxiety, too, because I’m a ridiculously nervous person in normal situations anyway. Hence my love of red wine.

I tweeted the entire show, so if you missed it, BIG MISTAKE. HUGE! John, his sweet little butt, made me dinner which is, obviously, completely adorable. Every time he offers to do this I agree, then 10 minutes into watching him chop haphazardly, I step in to help. But oh s–t, last night? I gave up. I didn’t care, I just wanted food. More importantly, I wanted (you guessed it) wine. I like to think that a lot of prep and thought goes into my dinners. I think about what kind of weather is happening outside, what kind of mood I’m in, and what else I have going on the rest of the week. Am I shooting tomorrow in mostly bare skin? John–he doesn’t think too much like that. He texted me that he’s making cabbage and chicken. I said, “Errrrrrrr that sounds horrid,” a comment that I immediately regretted because who would NOT want their man to offer to cook ANNNNYTHING for them? He assured me it would be “Southern”–a word we love when we basically mean salty and delicious.

S–t was good.

Anyway, the experience of shooting Model Employee was one I will NEVER forget. I lived in Vegas for a month straight, and it was insane to me when I realized that at one point I had gone ELEVEN days without leaving Mandalay Bay. I only figured this out once I did finally venture outside to meet my sister — who lives in Vegas — for some crab at Hot ’N Juicy. As I waited for my car to pull around at the valet, the sun hit my eyes like I was on some kind of 11-day bender.

A lot of people have asked me what I thought was the most difficult part of doing the show. For me, it was the fact that just like these girls, I’m a model too, so I felt for them in more situations than I think they’ll ever know. There were times I stood up in the deliberation room and my eyes completely welled up with tears. Not over the fact that they were being told to do icky jobs, risky jobs, or just ACTUAL jobs in general, but because things just got emotional! For a model, such a huge worry is about what we will do once we are dried up. While it in no way compares to the everyday worries of many people, it’s a hard thought. All we want to do is show that we can be entrusted with more than just looks and body. And the Mandalay Bay opportunity was just that: something every model wants. To be the face of a major, luxury brand. And it’s pretty f–king cool we were able to give that opportunity to somebody!

Holy s–t that got dark right?? Future blogs won’t be quite as creepy, I swear.

I am insanely proud of the show. Trust me when I say that when I watch it, it’s an entirely different experience than how you watch it. Most of the time I can’t watch it in the way I would watch any other show. But the second I am off-screen, I am SO excited to see these women interact with each other. I was such a neutral element of the show that I was never involved in or got to witness any of their insanity. And if you know anything about me, you know not being able to see it firsthand is the most painful part!

When you see me on the pedestal in the deliberation room, I have noooo idea what had happened that entire day. Now, experiencing it as a viewer like the rest of you, I get to say, “Holy s–t that chick is cray zeeeeeee!” And oh, I love it.

I am SO freaking proud of these girls. A lot will be said I’m sure, but here are some facts: Yep, at times they were grossed out. At times they said some super dumb s–t I’m sure they’d love to take back. They are SMART, strong women. And these mother effers have heart and they really wanted this.

Like I said, I’ll be tweeting up a storm on Wednesday nights throughout the season, but also be sure to follow my mom on Twitter as well at @PepperThai2. She is….how do I put this….not great at English, extremely adorable, and hilarious. Her twitter bio is “ESL Mom,” so yeah, what more do you need?!

Thank you guys for watching, and I am so happy to be a part of the VH1 family!!!! I have already received three congratulation bottles of wine so I feel at home already.



Chrissy will be blogging her thoughts about Model Employee as the season unfolds. Catch an all-new episode next Wednesday at 11 pm ET, and check back with VH1 each week for her take on the contestant’s dirty jobs and deliberation room breakdowns. Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter!

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