Chrissy Teigen On Women Who Claim They Aren’t “Girls’ Girls”

Being that Model Employee is a reality competition show — where models are living, breathing, and working together — we should expect that some familiar tropes –backstabbing, breakdowns, cell phone conversation conducted through speak phone ONLY — will surface, but with a high-fashion spin, natch. As a superfan of all things pop culture, host Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to the genre, having logged many hours before favorites likes Top Chef and Project Runway. But what does she think about the female contestant (there’s always one) who swears she’s not a “girls’ girl”?

Like The Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson and Trishelle Cannatella from the Real World before her, ME hopeful Sonja uses the first few moments of screen time on Episode 1 to tell America that she’s partial to hanging with the boys (don’t hate her because she’s beautiful, ladies). Historically, such a claim has been used to escape any responsibility for devious actions or manipulation in order to score 15 fleeting minutes of prime-time notoriety. While admittedly a fan of all things “girly,” Chrissy concedes that in her world, it’s really isn’t that easy to make friends at work. “It is hard to get along with other females, especially when you’re in the modeling industry and all your friends are models and you’re going out for the same job every single time, it’s hard to be a girls girl,” she explains. Hmm. Does that mean she’s spent hours at a chaotic photo shoot, swearing up and down that she’s NOT there to make friends and WILL throw her fellow models under the bus before Heidi Klum if need be? Time to do some follow-up interviews…

Catch a new episode of Model Employee at its new time, Wednesday, May 15 at 11/10 C.

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