The Gossip Game: Viv’s Workout Plan? Masturbate The Weight Away

Having lost about twenty pounds over the last month-plus, The Gossip Game’s breakout star Vivian Billings has been getting it in. But what, exactly, does the spitfire Queens native incorporate into her “fitness” regimen?

Self-love, that’s what. In addition to watching her portion sizes and getting some cardio in, Viv attributes her frequent masturbation habit to the weight she’s shed in the clip above. While I’m sort of confused at her husband Kraze not being credited for some of her cardio sessions (why isn’t he with her “shooting in the gym?!”), I’d never argue against a lady handling her business. Viv, you look incredible; salute! Just don’t go too crazy with it- we wouldn’t want you to lose those curves!

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