The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About Vivian Billings

Vivian Billings AKA the NYC Gossip Girl has become infamous around NYC primarily known as the creator and driving force behind the wildly popular blog, This season on The Gossip Game, Vivian holds the title for most arguments among the cast. Whether its a women in media event or a radio show, if you cross Vivian you will hear from her. Once we moved past the ratchet filled fights, which inevitably happen in an industry where your best friends are your biggest competition, we’ve seen the softer side of Vivian. Primarily when it comes to her unconditional love for her children and the lengths she will go to protect them from feeling unnecessary pain.

Since Viv is normally the woman behind the blog, we wanted to flip the switch and give her The Scoop treatment. From the accessory she says you cannot wear too many of of to the words she wish the world would retire. Find out the nine things you never knew about Vivian Billings!

Read on to watch some of our favorite Vivian moments!

As the mother of a transgender person, Vivian struggles with letting go of Khadijah and fully accepting Kayden’s transition from female to male.

Read on to watch Vivian defend her child, Kayden, to Steph Lova after some unnecessary words were said on live radio .

Vivian does not play when it comes to her children.

And who could forget the night of a million ratchets. Read on to watch one of the most ratchet fights in reality television history.