The Gossip Game Bonus Clip: Sharon And Angela Talk Relationships + Sex Toys

On this season of The Gossip Game, the ladies have shown us that being successful in the entertainment industry takes hard work and hustle. But every so often a girl has to get some romance and TLC in the mix, and Monday night’s episode was not short of that.

K. Foxx is kissing Wyclef, ur girl JasFly finally came out of dating retirement, and in an awkward lunch meeting with Star, Ms. Drama fights off his romantic advances. On top of all that, Sharon and Angela take a break from work and head out on a double date where Angela interrogates Garland to get the T on what is going on between him and Sharon. Although the two have a shaky past, it looks like the flame is still burning between them. Sharon wants to keep the boyfriend/girlfriend titles at bay, Garland is ready for the next step.

In this bonus clip that didn’t hit air, Angela and Sharon discuss whether or not Garland is really her boyfriend… over pedicures. “If you are with somebody every single night, he’s not seeing anybody else, you’re not seeing anybody else, you say you love him, you want to be with him, that’s your boyfriend!” And IN THAT ORDER! Oh, and Angela’s “thank God for internet porn” – not to be missed.

Sound off and let us know what you think about Sharon and Garland’s relationship and remember to watch The Gossip Game Mondays at 11pm ET/PT.

-Written by VH1 Blog contributor, Jennifer Haastrup

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