The Gossip Game Style Wars: Who Has The Hottest Accessories?

We’ve already had you guys voting on The Gossip Game cast’s most impressive shoes and outfits, so now it comes down to assessing the details that tie a whole look together: accessories.

  • JasFly’s Bracelet

  • K. Foxx’s Wrist Game

  • Vivian Billings’ Necklace

  • JasFly’s Earrings

  • Kim Osorio’s Wedding Ring

  • Vivian Billings’ Wedding Ring

  • Kim Osorio’s Earrings

  • K. Foxx’s Rings

  • Kim Osorio’s Bracelet

  • Vivian Billings’ Earrings

  • Vivian Billings’ Bracelet

  • Sharon Carpenter’s Earrings

  • Sharon Carpenter’s Earrings

  • Sharon Carpenter’s Ring

  • Ms. Drama’s Bracelet

  • Ms. Drama’s Necklace

  • Angela’s Yee’s Earrings

  • Angela Yee’s Necklace

  • Angela Yee’s Rings and Bracelets

When they’re on the go and chatting up celebs, Angela, Sharon, K. Foxx, Viv, JasFly, Kim and Drama have to look their very best. The images below document what was in the ladies’ arsenal when they stopped by VH1 headquarters for a fashion photo shoot recently. Between all the bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces, who has the illest style? You be the judge, and cast your vote below. We’ll be announcing winners next Monday, May 20th before The Gossip Game finale, but until then, tune-in tonight at 11pm to see the hip hop media divas werk.

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