Very VH1: Jen The Pen Gets Down To Business With JasFly

If you’re eager to see more of JasFly’s journalistic strategies on display, as well as hear her thoughts on skin color and hip-hop culture, The Gossip Game star will join Jen The Pen on a new edition of Very VH1. Expect Jen to get to the bottom of this divisive subject, while prodding Jas for more details on her romantic escapades and the at times questionable reporting ethics we’ve seen thus far.

It all begins on Tuesday, May 14 at 2:30 pm EST. Tune in then, and check out the video below to watch the show. Be sure to click on the comment icon in the upper right hand corner to participate in the chat. Remember, it’s an interactive experience, so you can hop on camera to ask a question or comment, too! See you soon.

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