Should Stevie J Have Checked Benzino Over Hearsay?

Stevie had just made things right with Joseline so he couldn’t NOT find out whether there was any truth to Karlie Redd’s accusations. The question is did he go about it in the right way.

If only Benzino and Stevie J could’ve talked it out. What could have gone like the following ended up being a disaster.

Joseline: Benzino, did you tell Karlie you had sex with me?
Benzino: No I didn’t. That’s crazy.
Joseline: Cool. She’s lying then.
Stevie J: So we all good now? Let’s go get a drink.

See how easy and harmless that was? But nooooo. Joseline had to get crunk. Benzino was already defensive because Joseline claimed he tried to holler at her via Twitter. DMs get folks in so much trouble. It went downhill from there. Instead of Stevie J stepping in as the cool headed one to mediate, he waited until both Benzino and Joseline were already upset. The result? “So we not brothers no more.” It didn’t have to go down like that especially if Benzino never told Karlie he smashed. Was Stevie right for checking Benzino over he say/she say? Let us know your thoughts and vote in our poll!

Should Stevie J Have Checked Benzino Over Hearsay?

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