The Gossip Game: Was Ms. Drama Wrong To Attend Sharon’s Soirée?

On tonight’s episode of The Gossip Game, Ms. Drama reveals a moment of vulnerability during her spa conversation with K. Foxx. Before long, however, Drama picks up her skirt and heads over to Sharon’s birthday party as Kay’s +1.

One problem: Drama wasn’t invited. On top of that, the last time Sharon and Drama were face-to-face, it didn’t end well. A few episodes back, Sharon literally ended the conversation by leaving the restaurant. Once Drama arrived at the party in tonight’s episode, Sharon became visibly uncomfortable and the ladies shared a terse conversation before Angela asked Drama to leave. Don’t worry though: she sashayed out, and ever-loyal K. Foxx dipped with her.

Who’s in the wrong? Did Sharon overreact to Drama being in the building in the first place? Did Drama know she was starting trouble by accepting K. Foxx’s invite to the party, or is K. Foxx to blame for stirring the pot?

Who’s To Blame For Sharon’s Birthday Beef?

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