So Wait, Is “Genuity” A Word Or Not? We Consulted Some Experts

As media personalities who boast about being nice with the pen, JasFly and Ms. Drama should be equally nice with using the English language in their speech, should they not? If you didn’t catch last night’s episode of The Gossip Game, you missed out on a pretty entertaining moment when Jas tried to correct Drama’s vocabulary, but sort of ended up sonning herself in the process.

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After calling Jas a “bitch,” Drama then accuses her of lacking genuineness around 3:20 in the clip above. With a quick rebuttal, Jas tries to correct Drama’s word usage, asserting that instead of genuineness, “it’s genuity. That’s the word: GENUITY.” It would have been a triumphant moment for The Rapper Whisperer, but unfortunately, genuity is – as Drama addressed in her direct-to-camera interview immediately after their scene together – actually not in the dictionary.

But hey, we’re all human and verbal snafus happen.

Just to make sure that we crossed our Ts and dotted our Is before weighing in on this topic, VH1 consulted multiple dictionary sources and even took it an additional step further: According to Emily Raboteau, Professor of English at CUNY, “’genuity’ is to the word ’genuine’ what ’libary’ is to the word ’library.’ Close, but no cigar.” And there you have it.

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