Hit The Floor: Meet Your Villain, Captain Jelena Howard

Every great television show needs a villain, and Hit The Floor’s Jelena Howard Captain of the Devil Girls — is not afraid to go the extra mile to get what she wants, regardless of whose dreams she stomps, crushes, and kills along the way. “I would describe her as just somebody who wants the most out of life,” star Logan Browning tells VH1 with a smile, finding ways to somehow defend her devilish character. “She wants to be the star; she wants to be the center of attention.”

Being the leader of the best dance team in professional basketball (and holding on to your title) requires a certain sense of ruthlessness. Browning was given extra special direction in hope of getting into character, modeling Jelena after the notorious Alexis (Joan Collins) of Dynasty fame. “I literally purchased all of the episodes of Dynasty and watched them and got to know her. Her wheels are always turning; she’s always so evil but you like her,” she explained. As Captain, Jelena’s calculated acts may appear sweet at first, but we know better than to believe everything she does is good-intentioned — the devil on her chest has taught us as much. Hear more from Logan on what it’s been like getting into character and learning to play evil, in the video above.

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