“Oh My Goodness”: Who Made The Biggest Gesture On Episode 5 of Off Pitch?

On tonight’s episode of Off Pitch, we began to see the less glittery, more emotionally tense side of Grand River Singers. Early in the episode, the kids camped out in Rob & Tim’s yard and complained about how Rob has been very judgmental and negative lately. The “leaders” of the pack stay after rehearsal to address Rob’s attitude and discover that GRS has led to fractures in Rob & Tim’s relationship. After averting disaster at a show at “Valley Fair” amusement park, GRS creates a romantic evening for Rob and Tim so they can discuss their romance and rebuild.

Whoa. That’s heavy stuff.

What really made the episode sing was how so many people made emotional (and physical) gestures. BUT WHO MADE THE BIGGEST GESTURE?


She made quite the move on Josh by the campfire. TONGUE!


He split his pants at Valley Fair and then quick changed into Rob’s pants.


First they turned Rob and Tim’s house into a gross campsite, but later they redeemed themselves by transforming it into a romantic French bistro.

Rob & Tim

It’s not easy to face your relationship’s trials on television and come out the other side.

So…who made the biggest gesture?


Come on, they’ve sacrificed so much for the group and reaffirmed their relationship on national television.

But who are we to say?

Who do YOU think made the biggest gesture on tonight’s Off Pitch?

Who Made The Biggest Gesture On Tonight’s Off Pitch?

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