“The Douchebag Jar”: Who Was The Biggest Douchebag On Episode 6 of Off Pitch?

On the latest episode of Off Pitch, the Grand River Singers have the opportunity to perform at the Mall of America. Yes, that Mall of America. THE MALL OF AMERICA. So, the group makes a fancy music video for their audition tape…and things between Greg and Steven get dramatic.

Oh, and there’s a flash mob in a grocery store.

In between Greg and Steven fighting for creative control of the group, and GRS crashing some innocent bystanders’ trip to the grocery store, who was the biggest douchebag?


Look, Steven has filmmaking credentials and he was on time so OF COURSE he should be rude and snippy and bossy. He should of course also engage in a melodramatic fight with Greg in a frozen food section of a grocery store. OF COURSE.


Even though the group called Steven a douchebag, Greg was right there with him. He was late for the music video shoot, cranky, and he encouraged the melodrama with Steven.


Look, people just want to buy their peas, okay?

So…who was the biggest douchebag?


Steven arguably caused the “douchebag” ripple by putting on his best James “I went to film school” Franco impression.

But who knows?

Who do YOU think was the biggest douchebag on tonight’s Off Pitch?

Who Was The Biggest Douchebag On Tonight’s Episode Of Off Pitch?

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