Hit The Floor: Kyle Hart Brings Southern Sweetness (And Stripper Moves) To The Team

With a Southern accent and strip tease moves at the ready, Katherine Bailess has got it all. On Hit The Floor, she plays Kyle Hart, a fun and provocative member of the Los Angeles Devil Girls who has a hard time keeping her hands off the on-court eye candy. “It’s so fun because everything sexual that I do, it’s not really sexual,” Bailess tells VH1. “There’s something exciting about it and fun, and it’s not intimidating and too much R-rated, I don’t think.” Good! We like to keep things family-friendly around these parts.

Bailess auditioned for the role of Kyle, a Devil Girl slash part-time stripper, eight times — don’t call her an “exotic dancer,” friends — and finds freedom in being able to mix a little sass with her natural Southern sweetness. “There’s something about a Southern woman, a Southern ’bitch’ per se, that comes off sweet,” she explains. For more on how she embodies the role of the team flirt, and how she looks in one the Devils’ uniforms, check out the video above.

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