Hit The Floor: Dean Cain Whips The Devils Into Shape

He’s fought supervillains and evildoers, but can he handle the dramatics and easily bruised egos of professional athletes? In Hit The Floor, Dean Cain plays Pete Davenport, a former Devil player who’s returned as Head Coach, bringing some of his past hang-ups (and romantic feelings) along with him. “It’s a real tough transition from being the athlete to being the coach, but Pete’s in the process of making it. By no means is he perfect,” Cain tells VH1.

With his background in sports and ability to do some serious on-camera smouldering, Cain feels right at home playing Davenport. “As an actor it’s a dynamic role to play. It’s a lot of fun because there’s twists and turns at every corner,” he explains. For more on what it takes to get into character and the way the seemingly confident Pete’s face looks upon running into an old flame, check out the video above.

Catch the series premiere of Hit The Floor on Monday, May 27 at 9/8 C.

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