Sharon Carpenter Recaps Episode 7 Of The Gossip Game + Gives Us A Twirl Tutorial

Each week that The Gossip Game airs, one of the show’s ambitious cast members will share their reactions to that Monday’s episode by writing a guest blog entry exclusively for VH1. Leading the charge this week is Sharon Carpenter as she discusses the drama that went on during episode seven.

  • Sharon and Ang’s Arrival

  • Sharon’s Confessional

  • The Moment Drama Walked In

  • Sharon and Drama Disagreeing

  • After Angela Saved The Day

  • Sharon, Mid-Twirl

Initially I had my reservations about joining the cast of The Gossip Game but once I agreed to it I was warned several times to strap-in tightly and prepare for the rollercoaster ride. From grappling with exposing some of the most intimate details of my life to millions of people, to embracing all the love from our die-hard fans, to being unfairly judged as elitist – it sure has been an incredible ride.

I remember when Tone Boots and I came up with the show idea in 2011 during a simple telephone conversation. To see our concept grow to become a successful show on VH1 has been pretty amazing. I’m so proud of the team who put blood, sweat and tears into making this happen, as well as all the women who agreed to open up their lives to the cameras and the world. It looks easy but trust me, it’s hard as hell.

So back to that ‘elitist’ title… I’ll own it if elitist means to be comfortable in your own skin, confident in your abilities, proud of your accomplishments, and willing to go above and beyond to do great work. Then sure, I’m an elitist. But do I look down on other women who are hustling hard and have the same hopes, goals and desires that I have had? Of course not. Those are the people who inspire me the most.

In the last episode, you saw things get tense between Ms. Drama and I. I’m hesitant to talk too much about her because in the grand scheme of things, she does not affect my life one way or the other. As soon as the show goes off she’s out of my mind, aside from the barrage of anti-Sharon tweets I see from her. There are, however, a couple of things I’d like to address. Some have accused me of disliking Drama because of – wait for it – her complexion, and this is very frustrating to hear. Here’s a tidbit of information: I have family members who have darker skin than Ms. Drama’s and I have family members who are lighter than me– all of whom I love and respect based on who they are as people… not their skin color.

I respect Drama’s drive but certainly not the way she goes about her business – she’s judgmental, unprofessional, delusional (I know this word’s been tossed around on the show almost as often as ‘ratchet’) and, quite frankly, she’s a liar. Journalists (and she does like to call herself a journalist) don’t lie – it completely goes against our code of ethics. We speak on facts. Not only has she accused me of sleeping my way to the top (ah, this old cliché jab again) to being irrelevant. Still I can’t help but hope she’s able to make the most out of the exposure she’s received from being on the series that I co-created.

As for the party, Drama turned up uninvited… and then turnt up! I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, hoping that this time she wouldn’t cause another scene around my friends and colleagues as she’d done previously at two of Angela’s events. I was wrong. When I realized she wasn’t there to make amends or put the past behind us – she was there to attack and make a scene once again – it was time for her to leave. I admit, I did feel a little bad afterwards but there’s a lesson to be learned in all this: if you’re going to be a party-crasher, it’s not a good idea to disrespect the host.

I ended up having a fun night with Ang, Garland, Viv, Kim and Jas, and I was pleased that K. Foxx came through too, despite her plus one.

Many thanks to Sharon for guest-starring on VH1 Blog this week! On the NEXT PAGE, check out her step-by-step breakdown of the Drama’s birthday party exit in what we’re calling THE DRAMA DEPARTURE TWIRL TUTORIAL, and don’t forget to tune in to the show finale on Monday, 5/20 at 11p ET/PT.



STEP 1: Announce yourself with loud, synchronized arm movements. (Here, Sharon is mouthing “Ms. Drama”)

STEP 2: Execute the twirl (arms technique is totally optional).

STEP 3: Upon completion, provide a verbal explanation for the Departure Twirl as you jump and float both arms in the air.

STEP 4: Continue the Departuer Twirl explanation with arm thrusts. In this case, Sharon speaks for Drama saying “I’m not wanted” and lifting each arm for each syllable uttered.

STEP 5: Officially announce “I’m out of here” while, again, jumping and using synchronized arm lifts.

Good job, guys! If you want to see the full tutorial in real time, it’s at the 4-minute mark here.

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