Hit The Floor: Valery Ortiz On Raquel’s Baby Daddy Drama

As single mother Raquel Saldana, Valery Ortiz understands the importance of playing someone female fans can look up to. “She’s like the woman that other people might admire, but they can relate to,” Ortiz tells VH1 of her Hit The Floor character. Agreed! Her hoops everything.

In addition to running around in circles courtesy of her mostly absent baby daddy, Raquel is forced to go through the audition process all over again to maintain her spot on the Devil Girls, despite being a veteran. Competing against eager newcomers tests both her patience and confidence, but helps her form an alliance with Ahsha and finally tell Jelena exactly how she feels. For more on what to expect from Raquel, check out Valery’s interview above.

Hit The Floor premieres on Monday, May 27 at 9/8C. Tune in!

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