Hit The Floor: Derek Roman Has Game On The Court And With The Ladies

Tall, handsome, and good with his hands. On paper, Hit The Floor’s Derek Roman seems perfect (he looks that way in photos, too). Star of the Los Angeles Devils, he’s successful, rich, and always down for a good time. “He’s a guy [whose] talent’s through the roof, confidence’s through the roof, and again he’s impulsive,”McKinley Freeman tells VH1 of his HTF character. Impulsive like flying-a-girl-to-Maui-on-your-second-date kind of impulsive? Because we could totally go for that.

While he’s used to getting his way on and off the court, his latest Devil Girl target creates a few difficulties–namely, not falling for any of his game. “I would say that Ahsha’s unlike anybody Derek’s ever met in his entire life,” Freeman says. “Here’s somebody that’s literally just honest, just genuine.” For more on where he thinks their relationship will go, and, yes, a few important shirtless shots, watch the video above.

Hit The Floor premieres on Monday, May 27 at 9/8 C.

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