Hit The Floor: Can German Keep Ahsha Away From The Devils?

With all those glistening and toned bodies flying through the air on Hit The Floor, you’d be crazy not to think twice about letting your significant other hang around Devils practice. Then again, a “perfect” boyfriend always keeps his cool, no matter how many flashy cars or wads of cash are hanging around the locker room. Just ask Ahsha’s boyfriend, German! “German is the definition of what I think a real boyfriend is supposed to be,” Jonathan McDaniel tells VH1 of his character, also known as Ahsha’s longtime boo. “He’s a very strong, very sensitive, very loving person.” Yes, but has he seen Derek?

Ahsha’s decision to follow her dream tests her relationship and the trust of a guy that’s been with her through it all. “You just kind of root for this couple to make it because you don’t want anything to interrupt what’s already going on,”McDaniel says. Aww. Decide whether you are, too, by checking out more from our conversation with the HTF star, above.

Hit The Floor premieres on Monday, May 27 at 9/8 C.

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