Hit The Floor: If You’re Terrence Wall, It’s Good To Be The King

Meet Terrence Wall, star of the Los Angeles Devils and romantic counterpart to Devil Girl Captain Jelena Howard. On Hit The Floor, this power couple helps to create a high school in-crowd atmosphere throughout the Devils’ facilities. “It’s interesting because the King and Queen are the King and Queen to everyone outside, but when they’re by themselves they’re just Jelena and Terrence,” says Robert Christopher Riley, attempting to attach some normalcy to the duo’s otherworldly attractiveness and skill set.

In addition to putting up with Jelena’s harsh ways and high expectations, Terrence must deal with party-loving teammates and the cold, hard, fact that he’s yet to win a championship. Check out his take on the matter and get a glimpse of this season’s game plan in the video above.

Hit The Floor premieres on Monday, May 27 at 9/8 C.

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