Pic Of The Day: It’s a Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s… Shirtless Benzino!

Fresh from his parking garage argument with onetime bestie Stevie J and his lady Joseline, Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star Benzino now seems to be working out his aggression by hitting the gym. Yes, but would YOU hit IT?

Benzino came clean on Twitter this week — thanks, but did you try to hit it? — and whether or not he’s still haunted by the spirit of Rih-oyncé, we’re saddened by the falling out that’s occurred between these two bros with such deep history. But maybe history has nothing to do with it. With every dollar he pockets and every check he cashes, Stevie’s moving away from the past, looking straight towards the future. You’ll always have the pages of your scrapbooks to dry your tears, Zino.

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