Did Joseline Have A Right To Be Mad At Karlie? [POLL]

Karlie Redd telling other people’s secrets backfired once again. What started out as two women gossiping at the park over Benzino ended with Joseline reaching over Stevie to snatch Karlie up.

Stevie J’s confrontation with his bff Benzino didn’t go too well, but after thinking on it some more Stevie and Joseline aren’t buying Karlie’s story. Stevie met with Karlie to let her know she has to watch what she says. “That’s why you’re a nobody in this industry right now,” he told her. Joseline had no time though for coddling. “I’m sick of you, h*.”

Karlie spoke her peace, but kept running her mouth. Joseline jumped out of her seat to get in Karlie’s face. Luckily security was quick so no one got hands put on them. Oh, Karlie. Will she ever learn? Does Karlie run her mouth too much or is she misunderstood? Did Joseline have a right to be mad with her in the first place? Take the poll!

Does Joseline Have A Right To Be Mad At Karlie Redd?

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