“Top Of The World”: Who Had The Best Moment on Episode 8 of Off Pitch?


On the season finale of Off Pitch, the Grand River Singers travel to the Mall of America for their biggest performance ever. Tensions ran high as the group knew this was their moment to shine–but who had the best moment on tonight’s episode?


Jon decided that the best way to come out to his parents as gay was at dinner with a camera crew watching. It was a moment years in the making and Jon was terrified that his parents would reject him. As it happened, they kind of already knew their son in show choir was gay and were totally cool about it!


During their Mall of America performance, Greg got to shine in a stellar solo. The song? “Defying Gravity” from Wicked. Review? It was wicked good.

Erin’s Drum
No one wanted to make a mistake at the Mall of America, and until the very last moment, when Erin’s Drum hilariously fell into the crowd, no one did. Way to steal the show, Erin’s Drum.

The Grand River Singers – ALL OF THEM

Look, GRS is the best, okay? THE BEST. They came together and had a spectacular show at the Mall of America.

So, who had the best moment?

It’s GRS!

Look, if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last season of Off Pitch, it’s that GRS is most definitely a motley crew, but they’re also a family. They soar together and fall together and any great moment for one is a great moment for all.

Disagree? You’re a party pooper.

Who do YOU think had the best moment on the season finale of Off Pitch?

Who Had The Best Moment On Off Pitch?