What Is “Ratchet”? Stevie J, K.Michelle, K.Foxx, Sharon Carpenter, And More Explain

Like the rest of America, VH1 stars have become very infatuated with one word in recent months, making it a go-to for when they really want an on-camera insult to sting. From Ms. Drama’s catchy name for Vivian Billings to K. Michelle’s description of her own behavior, we’ve seen the term “ratchet” play out on screen, and explored hypothetical scenarios that could be deemed as such, as well as certain celebrities with, ahem, ratchet tendencies. But what does it all mean?

To get to the bottom of this pressing matter, we’ve enlisted the help of members of The Gossip Game, Hit The Floor, and Love And Hip Hop Atlanta to weigh in on the prevalent term hitting TV screens and city streets across the country. The results may surprise you.

Check out the video above and let us know whether or not we all agree that multi-colored weaves, gratuitous PDA, and poor dining etiquette are acceptable under any circumstances. The inability to walk in heels should really be judged on a case-by-case basis. Or, maybe K.Michelle is right: we’re all ratchet.

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