Model Employee Sneak Peek: Diving Into The Shark Tank

Get ready to witness the most dangerous challenge yet on tonight’s episode of Model Employee. Say what you will about the fashion industry being a metaphorical shark tank, tonight we’re only concerned with the literal stuff–namely, what happens with beautiful girls dive into water that’s home to aggressive (and potentially murderous?) creatures. Sounds fun, right?

Will the flimsy, so-called “Beyoncé outfits” be able to protect the models’ otherwise flawless skin? Haven’t models followed in Heidi Klum’s footsteps and insured individual body parts by now? Is Chrissy Teigen THE SMARTEST woman alive for being absent during this portion of filming? See how it all pans out–and maybe bring some band-aids along, just in case?–when an all-new episode of Model Employee airs, tonight at 11/10 C.

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