GUEST BLOG: Ms. Drama’s Top 10 Favorite Quotes + Catch Phrases From The Gossip Game

Throughout this season of The Gossip Game, I’ve had to endure some pretty brutal encounters with my industry peers. I’ve learned that not everyone who you associate with will be your ally, and that your best bet is to learn how to stand up and defend yourself.

With that being said, I offer my Top 10 Memorable Quotes and Catch Phrases from this season that more or less sum up what was on my mind during those awkward, uncomfortable, and obviously heated confrontations.

Do you know which cast member I am referring to?
1. You’re the epitome of a “come-up ho”
2. El Racheto, The Ratchet One
3. How can you network, if you ain’t got no net worth?
4. The bitches are DECEPTICONS!
5. Working with you is like swimming in a pool of STDs.
6. If you’re not changing, you’re not growing.
7. I didn’t know I had a meeting with Harriet Tubman!
8. Is Dr. Phil giving out Diplomas?
9. You’re Not Iyanla, you can’t fix my life.
10. She’s Sucio!

1. You’re trash and I don’t stand for trash!
2. Whether ye be ratchet or not.
3. I am a queen and I shall be respected!
4. Trick Heifer!
5. Amongst these slackjawed bitches, of course I’m the outsider.

Hit the next page for the answers, y’all!

1. Sharon
2. Vivivan
3. Vivivan
4. Angela, Jasfly, Sharon, Vivian
5. Star
6. Vivian
7. Jasfly
8. Jasfly
9. Jasfly
10. Vivian

1. Vivian
2. Vivian
3. Sharon
4. Vivian
5. Angela, Jasfly, Sharon, Vivian

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