Get To Know Kat Capone, The Voice Behind The Gossip Game Theme Song

The Gossip Game came to a close Monday night, and we wanted to give one final shout out to artist Kat Capone, whose catchy track โ€œFind Me In The Musicโ€ was the theme song for the show.

Kat recently released a music video to accompany the track which involves a game of hide and seek with a handsome stranger. Personally, I have only been stopped in public by strangers shaking coffee cups at me and asking for change – not dates – so itโ€™s fun to watch this mini-rom com play out. Check it out below!

[gdm_video source=”youtube” video_id=”cyq8NvB-daM” url= width=615 height=462]

Monse Barrera is a contributing writer repping VH1 Creative Music Integration

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