Get To Know Kat Capone, The Voice Behind The Gossip Game Theme Song

The Gossip Game came to a close Monday night, and we wanted to give one final shout out to artist Kat Capone, whose catchy track “Find Me In The Music” was the theme song for the show.

Kat recently released a music video to accompany the track which involves a game of hide and seek with a handsome stranger. Personally, I have only been stopped in public by strangers shaking coffee cups at me and asking for change – not dates – so it’s fun to watch this mini-rom com play out. Check it out below!

[gdm_video source=”youtube” video_id=”cyq8NvB-daM” url= width=615 height=462]

Monse Barrera is a contributing writer repping VH1 Creative Music Integration

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