GUEST BLOG: Vivian Recaps Her Gossip Game Experiences, Good + Bad

As I watched the season finale of The Gossip Game, not only was I a little saddened that it was over, but I was also relieved. Sad because I will no longer be seeing the wonderful people that took the time to make this happen.

I truly enjoyed cutting up behind the scenes with folks like Crystal, Saleda, Colin, Mona, Brittany and Brandon just to name a few. These people were the ones who made sure the cast was comfortable while we waited to film. The whole experience was surreal for me since it was my first time being in front of a camera expressing ALL of my emotions. So with that said, let’s get into the finale episode.

The show starts off with my cousin Star telling Ms. Drama that he had to let me go when in all actuality, I told Star that I was done with him career wise. I saw how Star played Ms. Drama like a fiddle and how she fell for it thinking that he was really into her. Now that was comedy!!

Moving forward, I was a little taken aback by K. Foxx’s response to me in her MadameNoir interview. For starters, she has taken everything I’ve done personally. I don’t have a personal vendetta towards K. Foxx at all. It was simply a rumor I heard, reported on and seeked out both her and Maino’s responses. And thanks to the power of editing, no one was able to see that I did apologize to Kay Foxx not because of what I did, but because she felt disrespected and at the end of the day, I never wanted her to feel that way. So for that, I apologized. If that made me a bitch in her eyes… Hey! I can dig it.

Kay Foxx continuously took jabs at me, and if you saw the show, the jabs were ALWAYS behind my back and NEVER to my face. She wouldn’t have the balls to call me a bitch to my face. So it was crazy to me that she would get mad at me when I attended a Jasfly event and didn’t speak when that’s exactly what she did to me at Sharon’s birthday party. It seems to me that Kay Foxx just doesn’t like the taste of her own medicine. Too bad and oh well!

And who would’ve known that my girl Sharon had it in her to jump up out of her chair and put her finger in Ms. Drama’s face and call her disgusting all at the same time?! That’s how you handle a pitbull!! I was so proud of Sharon for standing up for herself! I loved every minute of it! Now have a seat Sharon!! LOL!

My girl Angela remained calm throughout the entire season and there were times I had to ask her how she did it. I did see how Angela was tested by Peter Rosenberg during Jasfly’s event for Kay. A man arguing with a woman in a club… how professional was that?! And Kay Foxx (Miss Women Empowerment herself) never even thought to intervene, and in fact, blamed Angela for the altercation. LAME!!

In all honesty, I’ve gained some really good friends in Angela Yee, Kim Osorio, Sharon Carpenter and Jasfly and I’ve learned that some folks are just so stuck on themselves that they’ll never know their ass from their elbow… hence, Ms. Drama and Kay Foxx. But either way, it was a great ride and I wouldn’t change my experience for the world!

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