Sneak Peek: Rasheeda Breaks The Pregnancy News To Kirk

For a married woman Rasheeda is incredibly nervous to tell Kirk she’s pregnant. When she does break the news to him it doesn’t look like he’s going to be elated.

Now we’ve seen Kirk go to bat for his woman over two women beefing so the sudden change seems weird. With their financial issues and problems with their other children the last thing Kirk wanted to hear was that Rasheeda was pregnant. Before they even get to the pregnancy bit they have to work out why Kirk doesn’t want to open the store, which Rasheeda feels can help them financially. Kirk just feels like maybe they should take a break. “I didn’t know you really take breaks in a marriage,” Rasheeda said. “I feel like you work s— out.” Amen Rasheeda. That’s why it’s called marriage. Tune in Monday at 8PM ET to see Kirk’s full reaction to the baby news.

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