Is Kirk Wrong For His Reaction To Rasheeda’s Pregnancy? [POLL]

One of the benefits of marriage should be that when you tell your husband you’re pregnant he rejoices, or are we living in a dream world? Obviously Kirk wasn’t happy with the baby news. Not only was he not happy he tossed around blame as if Rasheeda got pregnant all on her own.

Kirk has every right to be stressed. His brother just had a heart transplant and one of his kid’s is having some legal troubles. There’s also the issue of dollar dollar bills, y’all. The conversation about the pregnancy got worse and worse by the second. Not only did Kirk say having a baby was bad timing, he blamed Rasheeda for the pregnancy. “That’s your fault…I told you you should’ve kept taking your pills,” he chastises her. “Am I pregnant?” he asks. Rasheeda’s had enough and let’s him know he was an active participant between the sheets. “That sounds crazy. Just because you pull out don’t mean a woman can’t get pregnant. You learn that s— in damn middle school,” she said.

Although Kirk has his concerns about having another child, do you think he could’ve been more sensitive? Since Kirk knew she stopped taking her birth control does he have a right to be mad? What’s Rasheeda’s responsibility in all this? Take the poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section!

Is Kirk Wrong For His Reaction To Rasheeda’s Pregnancy?

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