Taylour Paige On Ahsha’s Care Bear Persona In Hit The Floor Episode 1

As seen on Hit The Floor, in the cutthroat world of professional dance, Ahsha Hayes brings fresh-faced naivete to the floor and the constant desire to pound relative strangers. But is Kyle right? Does this product of a romp between a unicorn and a Care Bear need a quick reality check followed by a heavy serving of Jelena’s diva juice?

Taylour Paige, newcomer and star of our new scripted series, talks about what she and her character have in common after the pivotal first episode. “We have a lot of parallels: we’re the same age, I’ve danced my whole life,” she explains. “Everyone’s gone through their relationship ups and downs, their first love and the temptation of the newness.” Now that¬† Ahsha’s a member of the Devil Girls, can mommy trust her little girl, or is she destined to follow in her footsteps? Will she maintain her otherwise unwavering optimism or be tainted by the competitive atmosphere? Don’t miss new episodes of Hit The Floor on Mondays at 9/8 C!

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[Photo Credit: Jennine Cusimano for VH1]