Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa On Episode One’s “Godzilla” Of A Secret

The world of professional dance never seemed that dramatic UNTIL we watched the premiere of Hit The Floor. With the very first episode, our new scripted series proved it was willing to take Beyoncé choreography to the next level and drop major, big-time, humongous secrets within the first 45 minutes. Hello, Pete? You’re definitely the father. VH1 was lucky enough to have Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa compile his thoughts on Episode One, answering any lingering questions you may have. That’s right: all the inside information you’ve been craving, straight from the source. Enjoy!


(WARNING: Spoiler city. If you haven’t watched this week’s episode yet, maaaaybe check back after you have. I can wait.)

For the rest of you, I’ve got one thing to say:

Ahsha is your responsibility. She’s your daughter.”

Mic drop.


Sorry for screaming. Coach Davenport being Ahsha’s father has been a Godzilla of a secret in my life for the last year. Not only have I managed to keep it, but so has everyone involved in making Hit The Floor (we’re like the mafia yo!). But now it’s out. Godzilla is attacking the city! And we can all talk about it.

Except Ahsha, cuz she doesn’t know.

How could Sloane, who’s seemingly not out of her mind, keep something this huge from her daughter? Someone she’s closer to than anyone else on earth (and vice versa)? And to drop that news on Pete the way she did? Now what?? Keep watching.

What we won’t have to wait to find out is if this is the last we’ve seen of single mom Raquel. In the teaser for next week’s episode, you see her packing up her locker, no idea what she’s going to do next. She’s got the douchiest guy on the planet suing her for custody of their son and now no job.

Cutting Raquel from the team was a tough decision, for tough-as-nails Devil Girls director Olivia Vincent and for me. Raquel’s got such a big heart, and you can’t help but think she would’ve run some good protection for Ahsha with team captain Jelena prowling. But that’s this world; it’s not always fair, it’s not always nice. If you’re going to survive it, you have to be on top of your game in every way. And Raquel stepped out of bounds (basketball pun!) by stepping up to Jelena. Alas, Ahsha’s got no one now. And Jelena is one shady b–ch. Did you also catch in the preview that she overhears Pete and Sloane talking about Ahsha? Did I say keep watching? Cuz you’re gonna wanna.

Jelena’s not the only person Ahsha has to worry about. Devils shooting guard Derek Roman’s also targeted her, for a different reason. Derek may have millions (and I’m just talking ab muscles), but German has Ahsha’s heart. Still, German better watch out, Derek plays hard. Are you #TeamGerman or #TeamDerek?

Or are you #TeamTerrencesBehind? Yup, that was Mr. Robert Christopher Riley’s backside you saw as the Devils star point guard shimmied away from Jelena to the showers. You’ll notice Jelena quickly followed him in there. She’s no fool.

LINE OF THE WEEK: “It’s like a unicorn humped a Care Bear and gave birth to you.” – Kyle Hart

Oh, Kyle. She’s not team anyone but herself. And we love her for it. She’s not out to get anyone, she’s out to get, period. She wants it all. And thanks to a little late-in-the-game action (another basketball pun!) with Oscar, she secured herself a spot on the team. Look out, anyone with a courtside seat: she’s coming for you(r wallet). Olivia will have her hands full with this one.

Olivia may also have some sticky business with fellow OG Devil Girl Sloane, judging by their exchange at the arena. Passive aggressive much? Another story to keep an eye out for, a little tip from me to you.

As dramatically as Ahsha entered this world, we saw someone exit just as dramatically: former Devil Girl Mia. Mia hauled ass the night before try-outs to destinations unknown. Jelena seemed as surprised as everyone else until she got a call from Mia that revealed the DG captain might not be so innocent in Mia’s disappearance (Ahsha–run!). Jelena isn’t the only one who prefers Mia to be M.I.A. Team owner Oscar’s overheard telling someone over the phone “with what she knows, let’s hope we never hear from her again.” I’m not trying to tell you your business, but you might want to keep an eye on this story too.

Finally, thank you, Beyoncé, for personally letting us use your song “Run The World (Girls)” at the end of our first episode. We hope we did it justice! If you all enjoyed that number, hold on to your laundry. You ain’t seen nuthin yet.

A question that came my way via Twitter that I wanted to answer here:

“Do you have information of when will the show have world distribution? Would love to see it in Israel :-)” — @abbyscott31

We WILL be showing all over the world. We’re in the process of setting all that up so stay tuned, we’re coming to a TV near you!

If you have any questions about the show, either story stuff or what goes on behind the scenes, tweet them to me at @JamesLaRosa. I’ll try to answer as many as I can here.

In the meantime, if you like what you’ve seen so far, tell yo friends! They can catch the series premiere of Hit The Floor this week on VH1 and VH1.com. We’re also on iTunes and Amazon.com. I can also come to your home and whisper the episode in your ear while you sleep.


Till next time HTF-ers.


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[Photo Credit: James LaRosa]