Basketball Wives LA Stars Gloria And Laura Govan Are Used To Getting Mistaken For Each Other

In addition to Basketball Wives LA screentime, Gloria and Laura Govan share a gene pool, which means there have likely been some cases of mistaken identity and roll call mix-ups in elementary school. “People go, ’Hi, Laura!’ And I just roll with it,” Gloria told VH1, of frequently being mistaken for her sister. They are family, so we can’t say we’re surprised they’ve been known to fool innocent bystanders. Should we just assume they’ve Parent Trapped at least one person in their lifetime, too?

For those celebrities without famous siblings, the stretch to find a passable doppelganger can become difficult. (Not everyone has a blue-eyed Zooey Deschanel to their blue-eyed Katy Perry at their disposal.) Sometimes it’s personality, hair color, or even spelling that gets the average fan confused. For more celebrity look-alikes, including the Case of the Mysterious Ferrell-Farrell combo, and the famous face Isla Fisher gets confused with (hint: not Amy Adams!) check out the video below, courtesy of our friends at VH1 News.

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