Check Yourself: Drew Admits He Had Fun Making Traci Mad

You never know the reaction you’ll get when the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast watches their individual scenes. They serve sassy or funny bluntness as they relive the moment live.

Mimi wants to know why Stevie J is so concerned with what she’s doing if he’s happily involved in a new relationship. “Why you worried about what I’m doing?” she says as she watches. “Worry about your little h* you running around the track.” Mimi stays coming for Joseline this season. As far as Stevie saying he misses her. “That’s what I felt at the moment,” he said. “I ain’t eat McDonald’s french fries. Damn sure miss the way them things taste.” So he misses Mimi in the way he misses french fries. Got it.

Drew and Traci are all laughs about her explosive scene at the job interview. “I was having fun in that interview,” Drew said. “I was having more fun making Traci frustrated.” Traci goes on and on about the women being “h*s”. “That h* right there wanted to get smacked!” Find out what else Mimi, Stevie J, Traci and Drew had to say as they check themselves.

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