Hit The Floor Dancer Diary: Carly Anderson Calms Her Nerves By Listening To TLC

Dancers play as much of a pivotal role in Hit The Floor as any of the surprise baby daddies, and we’ve got some uber-talented ones on our hands. In the first of our regularly scheduled Dancer Diaries, Carly Anderson recalls what it was like to audition for a legitimate spot on this fictional dance team, give it her all, and go home convinced she didn’t get the part.

If you think the high-flying choreography of the Devil Girls only looks sweat-inducing and difficult to execute from the comfort of your couch, just know that it was equally difficult to get down on camera. “I remember thinking, ’I can’t feel my limbs… but I’m going to keep dancing,'” Carly tells VH1. “Dancers usually don’t get these opportunities on these types of shows.”  True. Besides, soreness is nothing a little TLC sing-along session can’t fix, right?

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