Chrissy Teigen’s Guide To Social Media

In addition to her photogenic beauty and knack for making killer barbecue menus, Model Employee host Chrissy Teigen is a beloved personality in the world of social media, thanks to her often hilarious and honest contributions to our Twitter timelines. If you’re new to @chrissyteigen, allow a sample of her recent posts to get you up to speed:

When she’s not making us laugh inappropriately at our desks, she’s sharing her thoughts on Twitter etiquette, providing some insight as to how we might grow our personal following and “expand our brand” (who needs a career counselor or recruiter?!).

But it’s not all punchlines and time-wasters. Chrissy regularly comments on pop culture’s biggest mysteries the juiciest pieces of celebrity news–just like you and your friends do in that gigantic, never-ending email chain throughout the work day…

The words used to discuss former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s alleged sex tape led Chrissy to elaborate (fully) on her blog, and her thoughts on the tricky, confusing situation of Amanda Bynes even led the former Nickleodeon kid to reply, “you’re no beauty queen!” (You win some, you lose some?) Either way, that Follower count keeps rising.

Look out for Chrissy’s advice on surefire ways to receive a coveted “favorite” from a Sports Illustrated model, as well as some of the Twitter users she believes are must-follows (Megan Amram and Sarah Beattie, your ears should be burning).

And don’t forget: Catch an all-new episode of Model Employee on Wednesday at 11/10 C.

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[Photo Credit: Jen Marigliano for VH1; @ChrissyTeigen]