Model Employee: How Massive Was Shah’s Meltdown?

On last night’s Model Employee, Shah suffered from one too many drinks, and her fellow contestants’ aspirations for sabotage. Maybe she hadn’t eaten enough at Steve Harvey’s white party, or maybe she was got flustered by being in the presence of Anthony Anderson (or maybe she has been wanting to tell everyone on her show how she really feels about them for a very long time). Whatever caused her erratic behavior, the folks at home were given one of the best televised meltdowns we’ve seen in a while.

But how big was Shah’s blow-up? VH1 show are not unfamiliar to tears and tantrums–remember Love’s stirring performance at Karen’s pre-nup party on Mob Wives?

What about Mimi’s response to Joseline’s very specific greeting (“Hi, maid”) on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta?

Or Che Mack being flabbergasted by the idea that Joseline wouldn’t want to acknowledge her in public?

This stroll down memory lane only reinforces the fact that Ms. Hernandez knows how to push people’s buttons. Don’t fret, Shah. You’re definitely not alone, and you’re definitely (amazingly!) immune to the normal hangover 10 shots of vodka would typically bestow upon a person. Keep up the great work.

Catch an all-new episode of Model Employee on Wednesday at 11/10 C.

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