VH1’s Weekly Wrap Up: Hit The Floor Arrives, Plus Three More Must-See Moments

This week marked the series premiere of VH1’s new scripted series, Hit The Floor, a show filled with hot bodies, even hotter dance moves, and some serious drama. From Ahsha landing a spot on the Devil Girl squad to Sloane dropping a bomb on Pete, this episode more than lived up to the hype.

On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi lashed out at everyone and lost control of her emotions after K.Michelle made it a point to insult everyone in her path. From slam dunks to showdowns, which show has you wanting more? Check out our top picks below, and let us know your favorite clip from the past seven days.

Hit The Floor: Ahsha Lies To Sloane

We were rooting for Ahsha to ditch the bank interview, and cheering her on as she danced her way to a spot with the Devil Girls. Yes, it’s awkward to watch Sloane find an audition flyer in her gym bag and put the pieces together that her daughter and best friend went behind her back. But after some screaming, Sloane can’t help but admit that it’s Ahsha’s turn to make her dreams a reality.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Mimi Loses Control

We’re still getting used to seeing Mimi’s angry side this season. After K.Michelle calls Johnny gay, and insinuates that Mimi’s new man Nikko is gay as well, K is quickly shown the door, leading her pal to finally speak her mind. (And oh how she does…) We always knew Mimi was a strong and independent woman, but even “hey maid” didn’t make her this mad.

I’m Married To A…: Can The Mormon Community Accept Josh?

After writing a blog post revealing that her husband is gay, Lolly and Josh begin to experience some public backlash from the Mormon community. In this scene, the two share their story on the Mormon Stories podcast, fielding probing questions about the extent of their relationship. It’s a tense few minutes, but by just being themselves, Josh and Lolly make it through the interview with flying colors.

Model Employee: The Models Go The Extra Mile

When the models work as Mandalay Bay concierges, they must fulfill any request made by any guest. This sort of catch-all means walking a pet around the resort is not out of the question, even if that pet is a fish. Halfway through carrying the fishbowl through the resort, Britany decides to take off her heels in order to “protect the pet.” (Mmhmm. We’ll pretend that you didn’t just take them off because your feet were hurting). Needless to say, the judges are not impressed with her lack of professionalism. (We aren’t either.)

Do you have propensity to get as upset as Mimi and Sloane? Are “no shoes” a requirement when walking a fish? Share your thoughts on this week’s shows in the comments below.

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment This Week?

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