Hit The Floor: Kimberly Elise Dives Into Pete And Sloane’s Romantic Past

Rather than simply go out with a stunning Beyonc√© routine that left us feeling empowered, Hit The Floor decided to drop a major plot bomb at the end of Episode One, in the form of a secret that tormented creator James LaRosa for longer than he’d like to admit. Sloane and Pete have a child together! And it’s Ahsha? WHA?! Someone get us Episode Two ASAP. For Kimberly Elise, Sloane’s newfound proximity to a former love is highly troublesome. “[Pete] definitely did some hardcore damage to Sloane back in the day and she hasn’t quite forgiven him for it,” she tells VH1. “How does a woman deal with suppressing deep passion yet animosity for a man who was so central to her life in many ways?”

While the actress wants to believe there is a separation between herself and her character, she understands the struggle Sloane is going through as so many old feelings are finally catching up to her. “He’s familiar–there’s something about that first amazing love that’s hard to resist, even if it brought a lot of heartbreak for you in the past.” For another peek at the longstanding tension that exists between Pete and Sloane, as well as what it was like to keep such a massive secret to herself all these years, tune in to an all-new episode of Hit The Floor on Monday at 9/8 C.

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