Master Of The Mix Season 3 GIF Wall: Judges’ Reactions And Amanda’s Dancing

This season of Master Of The Mix has proven to be the best one yet. Not just because of the talent of the three finalists – Chris Karns, DJ Incrediboi and DJ Jayceeoh – still battling it out for top honors but also because of the judges’ reactions throughout the past nine episodes. Whether it was Kid Capri’s steely Vin Diesel stare or Mia Moretti’s hands in the air, the judges never succeeded in hiding just exactly how they felt. And then there was show host Amanda Seales’ dutiful dancing… Of course, we had to recap best moments in GIF form for your viewing pleasure.

First up is the show’s new host, Amanda Seales, who has delightfully mastered elbow dancing. Seales dutifully showed all the contestants support, even when they failed to ignite the crowd.

And then there are the judges. Oh the faces they gave us throughout this season.

  • Kid Capri was the master of “McKayla is not impressed”
  • Mia Moretti was the queen of the “you let me down” pout
  • Ben Maddahi just usually looked confused as to why the contestant was doing so bad

But they weren’t always disappointed with the contestants. Kid Capri had at least 5 smiles and one fist pump on record.

And finally, each judge had their own signature head bob, especially guest judge Cut Chemist.

The Masters Of The Mix season 3 finale airs at midnight tonight.