What Was Your Favorite Moment From The Stevie TV Season Two Premiere?

We’ve been waiting far too long for someone to address the sheer ridiculousness of pop culture’s leading trends and personalities only as the hilarious Stevie Ryan can. Whether you’re a fan of hopeful romantics looking like idiots on national television or the weird addictions that can tear families apart, last night’s Season Two premiere of Stevie TV had mockery and mayhem that everyone could enjoy. And maybe a few ideas about what to order for dinner tonight?

Putting a fresh spin on The Bachelor and Intervention appeals my reality television-loving interests–particularly after the latter announced its departure this month–but for this hip-hop fan, the fresh new music video, “Ress ’A’ Rawn,” won the night the moment Stevie Minaj stepped on screen. Featuring Lil Lil Wayne, the song is an ode to all of your favorite fast-casual eateries, complete with a video that provides instructional dance moves that will coordinate with fried pieces of fatty goodness. It’s not often that these parlors of purely passable cuisine get celebrated on television, and now with Nicki’s newly open schedule, this video feels a lot less like a spoof and more like what we could hear on her third album.

What was your favorite sketch from last night’s season premiere of Stevie TV?

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