Stevie Ryan Is Obsessed With Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, Wants Life Coaching From Momma Dee

In addition to reinventing the way we dine out, the season premiere of Stevie TV Season Two also celebrated the greatness that is Joseline Hernandez on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Two of our shows for the prices of one? Yeah, I’m cool with that.

On a very special segment from LHHATL my DVR somehow must have missed, Stevie Ryan sits down with the Puerto Rican Princess to discuss their “business relationship,” only to end up being interrogated mid-hookah puff with questions about white girls and studio time. She looks less than comfortable to be toasting to d–k slinging, but is totally okay with advising Che Mack not to cry, so that she doesn’t “smear [her] weird tattoos” for all to see. Stevie’s self-proclaimed obsession with the show is rooted in both its hilarity and the sensible Southern lessons bestowed from one of its wisest cast members. “One of my many dreams would be to have Momma Dee give me some life coaching and get some lessons from her,” Stevie tells VH1. “I need someone like that in my life. I need her to somehow work for me because I feel like she would just pop off on people and keep them in line; people would listen to Momma Dee.” Plus, drinking wine through a straw with friends is always enjoyable.

Not only does our resident funny girl share a name with one of the most notorious LHHATL cast members, she’s heavily invested the well being of the many women who flock to him time and time again. “Joseline is amazing. I obviously think Stevie J. is an awful human being, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not fun to watch. It makes me mad because I don’t think he should be with anyone, but these girls, they want to be with him,” she says. “I respect Mimi because I think she’s a classy woman and I think she should just leave that in the past. I know they have a child together, but they can work that out.” So if both Mimi and Joseline are too good for Stevie J., who is the Hitman destined to grow old with? “Maybe a frickin’ sick cat on the side of the road or something like that,” she suggests. Hey, Mona: It’s not too late to add another cast member to the show. (Hint hint.)

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