Get Your Master Of The Mix Drink On With The Selector

On tonight’s season finale of Master Of The Mix, Drinks Diva Jenny Costa invites all three judges–Kid Capri, Ben Maddahi, and Mia Moretti–to pull up a stool and get their drink on with The Selector, in celebration of a job well done. Aw, dry those eyes! Crying should only occur after you’ve had a few too many cocktails.

When tonight’s winner is announced, we’ll likely be toasting to a new generation of DJs and party-pumping mixes. But for now we imbibe. Want the recipe?

What’s Inside:

1.5 fl oz SMIRNOFF® Citrus Flavored Vodka
4 fl oz lemon lime soda

How To Mix It:

Fill glass with ice. Add SMIRNOFF Citrus Flavored Vodka and lemon lime soda. Stir well.

Gather up the necessary materials, pour yourself a (very full) glass, and raise a toast to another successful season in the books.

Tune in for the SEASON FINALE of Master Of The Mix tonight at 12/11 C.

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