Hit The Floor: Pete, Sloane, And Olivia Juggle Love And Basketball

“Love is not the easiest thing to maintain in this world–it requires a lot of effort,” Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa says. Pete and Sloane’s “storied” history together may have been something for the Devil record books, but it’s one we may also soon see play out in different romantic relationships throughout the show.

Raquel already knows what it’s like to be with someone who lets to the pleasure and privilege of a fast-paced lifestyle get the best of him, and Ahsha is learning what it’s like to be faced with temptation (thanks to Derek’s reliable tendency to take his shirt off). But as far as the OG Devils go, Pete, Sloane, and it seems, Olivia, can write a book on courtside betrayal and heartache. LaRosa chats with HTF cast members Kimberly Elise (Sloane), Dean Cain (Pete), and Charlotte Ross (Olivia Vincent) about the emotions their characters are dealing with and what it’s like to relive the past. Check out more in the video above.

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