Kick Off Your Weekend With All The Drink Recipes From Master Of The Mix

Master Of The Mix is over for now, as Jayceeoh, Chris Karns, and Incrediboi continue to ignite dance floors around the world with their irresistible mixing abilities. Since we’ll miss pouring out a weekly 5 o’clock cocktail, courtesy of Smirnoff Drinks Diva Jenny Costa, we decided to give you a taste of Season Three’s drink recipes, in hopes of inspiring one wild party (we better be invited to). Details below.

  • The Crowd Surfer

  • The Mashup

  • The True School

  • The Celebration

  • The Peach Fuzz

  • The Selector

  • The Sweet Spot

  • The Equalizer

  • The Backspin

  • The Limelight

Inside you’ll find more than enough ways to help you feel mighty fine this summer season, and at least one or two alcoholic accessories you may not have known of before the show. Stiff drinks and good beats, what more could you possibly need? Enjoy!

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