I’m Married To A… Sneak Peek: Are Two Strippers Better Than One?

Throughout this season of I’m Married To A… we’ve come to meet interesting people in even more interesting situations, all of whom are redefining society’s expectations of love. Past episodes have each been rewarding to watch, but tonight’s raises the bar simply by the sheer number of people involved. Meet David and his wife,Virginia, and… his other wife, Alayne. A Three’s Company scenario this is not, as both women are fully committed–and fully married–to their man. “We just do things twice as much as other people,” David says. “Some people don’t agree with what we’re doing, but we don’t care.”

So is David greedy, or is his capacity for love SO BIG that only two women will do? Did he seek out strippers, or is their occupation simply a bonus? See more from the happy threesome, as well as Reid and his wife Kelly, a transsexual who makes a living as a sex cam star, when a new episode of I’m Married To A… airs, tonight at 10/9 C.

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