“Smashed Da Homie” Proves Benzino Isn’t Over His Beef With Stevie J.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star Benzino has been taking out his aggression in the gym ever since his fallout from former BFF, Stevie J., and now we’re seeing how a bromance breakup can affect one’s professional life. How does the saying go? Turn lemons into lemonade?

Zino Grigio’s new video for “Smashed Da Homie” features some less than subtle nods to the Hitman’s accusations that his brother (Benzino) was trying to get with his girl (Joseline), lots and lots of references to animal instincts, and a serious Puerto Rican Princess look-alike. Benzino has repeatedly denied he hit it, but the parking garage altercation captured on camera severed longstanding ties, forever altering the friendship circle of our favorite ATLiens. “No Love And Hip Hop this is some animal s–t.” Zino chants. At least it’s catchy?

Sigh. Can’t we go back to bros before hoes, fellas? It was a business opportunity–a business opportunity! And Stevie J., more than anyone, has to understand that. Why else is he bothering with Che Mack?

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