Model Employee Sneak Peek: Jassmine Doesn’t Like It When Britany Tries To Get Educated

There have been dirty challenges and lots of tears, but so far, life as a Model Employee contestant has been pretty comfortable. Have you seen those plush bathrobes the Mandalay Bay provides?! The time has come to finally get serious, as at least one hopeful brand ambassador will be sent home during tonight’s episode. But first! Some fighting.

During some downtime back at the suite, Jassmine takes issue with Britany’s decision to study up on important hotel facts before their next challenge–because in her mind, last-minute cramming won’t help her competitor retain anything. (That’s cold.) Some very loud, pointed chatter ensues, leading us to believe that maybe sending someone home isn’t the worst thing after all. These girls could use a little feng shui adjustment.

Catch an all-new episode of Model Employee on Wednesday at 11/10 C.

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