VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: The Return Of Stevie TV Plus Four Must-See Moments

This week marked the return of everyone’s favorite comedienne, Stevie Ryan. The Season Two premiere of Stevie TV was filled with hilarious sketches that poked fun at Nicki Minaj, The Bachelor, and VH1’s very own, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

In addition to making us laugh, VH1’s prime-time lineup brought heavy drama this week. With Joseline hitting Che Mack on LHHATL and Jelena telling Ahsha the identity of her father on Hit The Floor, we were on the edge of our seats at every turn. From dance moves to downright dirty punches, which show still has you hooked?

Check out our top picks below, and let us know your favorite clip from the past seven days.

Stevie TV: Can’t Stop Twerking

For a show that typically deals with serious addiction, this comical twist on Intervention features Stevie as a “twerking” addict. After taking hip-hop dance classes, her family has decided that her obsession with twerking must come to an end. Sadly, you can’t pop that booty forever.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline Punches Che Mack

Recently, Stevie J has been skirting the line of really upsetting his lady. He wants to work (in the studio) with Che Mack, but as well all know, he must run stuff like that by the Puerto Rican Princess first. In an effort to do the right thing, Stevie tries to get the two women to sit down and clear the air. However, Joseline has a bit of an attitude and the conversation goes way left when Joseline punches Che Mack in the middle of the strip club. Although that punch seemed to have come out of nowhere, the message has been clear from the very beginning: Joseline Hernandez is all about Joseline Hernandez, and nothing will stop her from getting what she wants.

Hit The Floor: Jelena Tells Ahsha A Secret

After overhearing a conversation between Pete and Sloane, Captain Jelena decides to use this delicate information — the fact that Pete is Ahsha’s father — against her newfound prey, right before the Devil Girls are about to perform for the first game of the season. We all knew Jelena was a bully, but this was ice cold.

I’m Married To A…: Reid Joins Kelly On Camera

Kelly thinks being the first transsexual porn couple would be really good for business, and after much consideration (and Kelly’s convincing), her husband Reid decides to join in. With thousands of people watching your every move online, you must have astronomically high levels of confidence to put everything out for all to see. More power to you!

Model Employee: Bye Bye, Aspen

It’s all fun and games until the first model gets eliminated. Based on her previous performances (and lack of knowledge about anyone she was talking to), the judges decided that Aspen did not have what is takes to be the spokesmodel for the hotel. This elimination made things crystal clear: there can only be one face of Mandalay Bay.

Did Stevie Ryan have you rolling on the floor laughing? Did Stevie J do the right thing by bringing Joseline and Che Mack together? Were you sad to see Aspen go? Share your favorite VH1 moment from this past week in the comments below.

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment This Week?

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